Instant Estimator

Our virtual estimating tool for deck and fence staining is incredibly user-friendly and provides customers with a quick and easy way to get a ballpark estimate for our services and products.

While we try to do our best with this estimator to be as accurate as possible. It sometimes doesn’t account for large deck projects and may overprice them or exclude difficulty factors that could increase the scope of work for more difficult projects. 

Step 1

Simply add your contact information and click next.

2. Add your address to find your fence or deck.

Step 2

Add your address to find your fence or deck.

Step 3

Add your fence and/or deck.

Step 4

Place your fence and/or deck.

Step 5

Choose whether your fence/or deck is like new, needs a light cleaning, or a full restoration. Here, you also choose to add height, color, and other details. 

Step 6

Now add another project and repeat the process above or click next and your Stain Right associate will get in touch with you soon!

Step 7

Voila! You have your instant estimate!